Innovative Signage strives to accommodate and integrate sustainable fabrication techniques into the signage design, specifications and installations. It is our belief that being environmentally responsible can be simple and practical when it is integrated into the design process early and in a collaborative manner. Contributing to a “green” project starts with the understanding of how resources will be used to help minimize the environmental impact. Many signage projects begin with the design intent, material selection and finished look in order to develop processes that are efficient and green in executing this goal.

At Innovative Signage, we align ourselves with all industry leading standards and requirements such as LEED. Although there is not a specific LEED accreditation for signage, we assist our customers in reaching the LEED goals for their overall project by implementing processes that are environmentally sensitive and acceptable wherever possible.

Sustainable Wayfinding and Signage Fabrication may include,

  • Maximizing the use of local or regional materials
  • Local fabrication and installation
  • Local support staff and infrastructure
  • Use local professionals and partners to complement our in-house abilities
  • Use recycled or reclaimed materials when possible
  • Use materials with recycled content when possible
  • Use durable materials with longer life-cycle
  • Use re-useable, recyclable or reclaimable materials
  • Use minimum amount of materials to deliver maximum impression
  • Use minimum amount of labour and equipment power
  • Assemble and mount signage with hardware for longevity
  • Use zero or ultra-low VOC paint and adhesives when possible (Matthews)
  • Use energy efficient lighting components for illumination